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    Huizhou Junhui Industrial Co., Ltd.Founded in 1998, is specialized in glass deep processing of professional factory, mainly processing furniture glass, architectural safety glass, crafts and other glass melting glass products, glass products are mainly exported to Europe and other Western countries。
    The company is located in Dalang Town, Dongguan City, Songshan Lake High-Tech Development Zone, next to the living Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Zhang Wan, often tiger highway to the....
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Huizhou Junhui Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:Mr. Li 86-18681161268
Mr. Wang:86-13332650008
E-mail: jhd88@jhdglass.com
Add:Guangdong Shiwan Boluo County of Huizhou Province town Leaper Shui Cun Shiwan Da Dao87